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Tips on having a successful and claim-free production

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Filmmakers know that a thoroughly planned and coordinated production is what makes the producer and home owner happy. So, here’s a couple of tips on how to avoid damages to the location and overtime as well as subsequent claims: - If you’re planning something extremely creative and extravagant (like bringing exotic animals on set, setting things on fire, etc.), please be sure to discuss this with the host and never proceed with your unusual ideas without the host’s explicit approval as well as a permit from the relevant authorities;

- In cases where you realize you’re going to need more hours than booked, feel free to reach out to our Support and request to extend the booking.

- Make time-stamped photos of the location before and after the shoot. This will allow you to put things back in place correctly and leave the location the way you found it;

- Cover the floors and use protective gear for furniture and walls. If you need to move something, be sure to ask the host’s permission beforehand;

- Discuss with the host which parts of the location can be utilized and which parts are off limits;

- Be sure to clarify the parking situation before the start of production and park your vehicles in designated areas (not the neighbour’s driveway!);

And whenever in doubt, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Support!


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