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How to make my listing attractive for renters?

With the number of spaces for production and events growing every day, the hosts search for ways to make their listings stand out. Here is a list of tips that might help you make your Giggster listing attractive for future renters:

1. Keep the listing’s description brief and to the point.

  • Do not use generic and meaningless words, such as “great”, “lovely”, “nice”, “cool”;

  • Structure your description to make it easy to read: highlight the unique features of your location and mention its key advantages, but keep it short: renters usually read 3-5 lines to get the general idea about the space;

  • If your location is customizable, specify to what extent. Mention props and equipment available for rent for an additional price or free of charge;

  • Make sure that your description matches the photos of the location.

2. Provide detailed quality photos of all rooms.

  • Your listing’s gallery should feature full-size high resolution photos with good lighting;

  • Be sure to add photos of all parts of your location. Use creative camera angles or hire a professional photographer: professional photos make a difference;

  • Choose the most representative image for the cover photo, preferably a photo of the interior, such as a living room or the area where production/event will most likely take place;

  • Avoid photos of people.

3. Set fair and reasonable rates.

  • Study the market and analyze the pricing of similar listings in your area. Do not overprice your space;

  • If it is your first time hosting, drop your prices to attract your first renters. Once you get those, you can raise your rates based on the demand;

  • Be flexible and allow space for negotiation. Set your rates in a way allowing for a possible small discount to your future renters and thus increase the conversion;

  • Mention that your rates vary depending on the needs of the project. It will allow for a minor change of the rate in the final quote depending on the requirements of a particular project.

4. Be honest with your future renters.

  • Show the best features of your space in your listing, but do not exaggerate. It is always better to exceed your renter’s expectations than fail to meet them;

  • Invite your prospective renters to scout your location to make sure it meets their needs.


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