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How does search rating work?

Your listing’s visibility to potential clients is one of the major factors leading to your success as a Host on Giggster. The higher your rating, the higher your listing appears on search. This in turn increases your listing’s visibility and the chances to get your listing booked. Lots of things contribute to your search rating, and there’s plenty you can do to give it a boost.

  1. Land bookings! Your first booking — and overall number of bookings — are the basis of your rating.

  2. Keep ‘em coming. A consistent, recent booking pattern shows you’re active and engaged.

  3. Make it simple. Enabling Instant Book makes it easy for guests to book your location.

  4. Stay in touch. Responding to every single inquiry helps build guests’ confidence.

5. Be a great host. Positive reviews are a key part of building your reputation.

6. Be a Superhost. Maintain an excellent response rate and hit 10 bookings to get a bump in status!

If you have questions regarding hosting and your listing’s health, be sure to reach out to our Hosting sensei at !


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