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How do I boost my listing’s position in search results?

Our philosophy is to reward our best hosts by making their listings easier to find and book. To do this, we created a “listing score.” The higher the score, the higher the chance for your location to appear at the top of Giggster’s search pages, which makes your listing more visible and increases the number of inquiries and bookings.

How to improve your score:


Each booking on Giggster takes your listing up in search results, so if you are a new host, it's important to get your first deal.

Suggestion: Drop your prices to attract your first renters. Once you get those, you can raise your rates based on the demand.


This is one of the biggest factors: every 4-star-and-above review you get greatly improves your listing score.

Suggestion: Leave reviews for your renters and ask them to review you back.

Response rating

Response rating is the amount of chats you have responded to. Even if you've responded to a particular chat, but the chat still ends with a question from the renter, it will count as "not-responded" until you follow up.

If your response rating drops below "Excellent", it no longer gives your listing score any additional points. Should this rating drop even further, it starts to negatively affect the standing of your listing.

Suggestion: Do your best to reply to all chats and booking inquiries. If you can't or don't want to accept a particular offer, it's much better to explicitly decline it than to ignore it. Your current response rating is displayed above the "Message Host" button on all of your published listings.

New hosts & Superhosts

Being new can make it harder to compete with seasoned hosts: that is why all new hosts receive a temporary boost to their listing score.

Superhosts naturally receive an additional bonus to their rating. You can learn about becoming a Superhost here.

Keywords in title

To increase visibility for renters who search for locations by keywords, consider adding a couple of keywords to your listing’s title: it multiplies the relevancy. Substitute generic adjectives by specific keywords describing your space. For example, instead of “Beautiful family home” say “Mid-century 2-story house w/pool & patio” (keywords in bold).

Happy hosting!


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