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Giggster Renting Rules

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

To make Your experience on Giggster as satisfying as possible, we’ve created the following rules that all Renters are expected and required to follow. We take violations of these Rules seriously and may suspend or terminate an account for ongoing or serious transgressions. We may also remove or edit any content that violates these Rules or if we believe it negatively affects the integrity of Giggster or Giggster Users, and may at our own discretion add and remove elements of these Renting Rules over time by posting an updated version in our FAQ and/or Resource Center section. These Rules are complementary to the Location Agreement and Terms of Service that every Renter agrees to when placing a booking.

Renters will:

  1. Use locations with respect and according to location rules. It is important that you are honest and do not misrepresent the intended use of a location when booking. For example, if a location was booked for production, but in fact, the renter throws a party at the space, the host is at liberty to stop this event and ask all guests to vacate the premises with no refund.

  2. Never store, transport, or possess hazardous material, guns or illegal substances at location. Bringing hazardous materials to a location is not only dangerous, but may be illegal and may lead to civil liability or criminal action against the renter.

  3. Be respectful towards the space and amenities. Guests should not take or use property that isn’t theirs, use hosts’ property not included with the booking without their explicit permission, access areas that were specified by the host as off-limits or continue to occupy the space after the booking has concluded without prior approval from the host.

  4. If you’re having trouble using the space during your production or event, be sure to contact the host immediately and ask them to solve the problem. If you fail to find a resolution, contact Giggster support via Help chat or right away. We understand that you may be very busy during this time, that’s why a short sentence saying you have issues on location would suffice for our team to step in and start working towards a resolution right away. Later on you may be asked to provide more details for us to decide if you are eligible for a refund based on the evidence submitted.


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