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Do I need a site rep for my booking?

A site rep is an unbiased third-party representative who assists both the location and the renter and ensures everything goes smoothly according to your location rules – such as making sure there are no damages, that the renters respect the off-limit areas of the house, etc. Having a site rep is not mandatory, but plays a crucial role in case of a dispute between the host and the renter over any damages, additional charges or overages reported by the host at the end of the booking.

You can manage your property yourself during bookings, in which case you don't need a site rep. When the host acts as a site rep, the host should keep an eye on the activities on site without interfering with the production or event, but keeping track of any overages or damages. Moreover, the host acting as a site rep: - has to inform the renters of any additional charges for add-ons or overages; - complete a walk-through after the booking; - sign a site rep report with the renter indicating any additional charges there. Please note that no additional site rep fee can be charged if the site rep role is assumed by the host.

Alternatively, you can hire a site rep/property manager for your bookings. In that case, you'll charge your renter an additional site rep fee depending on the rate of your site rep. The site rep will have to provide testimony (report) in case of any dispute between the host and the renter regarding additional charges for damages, overtime or minor charges.

If you are not sure you will be able to supervise bookings yourself, it is recommended to hire a site rep, especially for the events associated with a high risk of damages to the property. Just mention in your listing description that a site rep fee is charged on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of booking and the necessity to have a site rep present. Once the renter specifies the nature of the booking and you are able assess the risk of damages or overages, you can inform the renter of the requirement to have a site rep present on site during the booking. If the renter is fine with this additional charge, just send the renter a custom rate from the booking chat with the site rep fee added.


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